Thursday 17 March 2016

Rugby player cake - March 2016

At this time, I'm still on the practice run with the fondant icing.

By this time, as you'd expect, smoothing paddles had been acquired and this was the cake I was to trial them out on. They're as valuable as, well, I don't know, but I don't know how I managed without them.

Because of the end result that I needed for "the big cake" I had to learn how to ice the board, but I'd already put the cake on it, so I thought I had done it wrong and this was going to be a disaster.

Enter YouTube!!!!! Such a valuable resource:

If you're stuck too, check this video out

The rugby player was made by someone else. It pays, sometimes, the check out the professionals that make cake toppers on eBay.

It saves time, money too would you believe, and a heck of a lot of heartache.

This professional made this topper with the blonde hair, rugby kit colours and number just like the recipient

It worked out amazing ... Premade cake toppers might be the way to go!

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