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Hobby: an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Hobbyist: a person who pursues a particular hobby.
Yes, I love crafts and crafting,
Yes, I'm very Welsh, and
Yes, I'm a grandma

My name is Niki but I'm known as Crafty Welsh Grandma. I guess I can thank my Grandson for that title, well, the Crafty Grandma bit because I adore baking, needlecraft and much, much more.
Everything I do is a hobby, I am not self employed in any of my crafting fields, neither do I work in them outside of my day job, it's all "spare time" activities.

I consider myself an amateur cake maker, I do not bake cakes for a "living", I just make them for friends and family. I used to be a party planner, but I gave that up for motherhood - which I adore :-) and, of course, grandmother-hood, which is amazing.

When making cakes, I re-learn as I go along I guess. Things have changed so much in the last few decades, so I take advice from professionals at the cakey-bakey shop near where I live.

* * *

Cakes I have done:
Birthday cakes, loads of
Festive cakes
Engagement Cake
Wedding cake

Cakes I'd love to try to make:
Baby naming cake
I'd really love to make a gender reveal baby shower cake - that would be such an honour
Nappy Cake - nope, you can't eat these :-D

Of course, I'm not all about the cakes!

* * *

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