Sunday 22 December 2019

Wonderful Winter Scene

This cake is a 'tuition' cake and made by my Padawan (apprentice). It was a last minute decision cake, but still needed the time and care like the other ones.

To help him gain confidence, my Padawan was given instruction on his first task, the christmas tree below and then I let him run with it. This is what he came up with. All this will little intervention from me.

Whilst that was drying, the cake was baked and, if I'm honest, I'm completely envious as to how this turned out! Far better than my first ever rich fruit cake!

For the decorating, my Padawan set to decorating this beauty with a green side and snow-draped effect fondant for the top. Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end for this learning experience.

Once the topping was complete, the rope decoration was created for the bottom edge as he didn't want or need to use ribbon on this one.

Next came the addition of snowflakes and then ...

Painstakingly adding little silver candy balls in the blank areas, glued in one-by-one. No doubt, I will be sweeping these up from the floor for days to come! They get everywhere when you drop them and you can never get them all at once.

Due to time constraints, the decorations for the top were purchased ready made, except the tree of course, then added. Additional handcrafted snowballs were made and added to soften the edges of the premade decorations on the top of the cake.

I think my days are numbered here! But "Crafty Welsh Grandad" is not going to be a 'thing' for many, many moons yet. Any why? Well, this wonderful trainee is my son.

The process, with all its trials and tribulations, was a fantastic experience, for me at least. I hope it was for him too.

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