Saturday 7 May 2016

Wonky Mushroom Surprise - May 2016

Oh this one went so wrong and in so many ways for me, but it ended up looking good. The recipient loved it which is what it's all about.

Standard Victorian sponge mixes again, small base (stalk) cake and a basin cake.

When you look at it you will see that the "30" is not centre. This is because the cake was to have "wonked" to the left as you're looking at it here. Because I'd messed up on the internal dowels, as you can see, overnight it had moved and was now "wonking" forward and no longer to the left.

A learning curve! Next time, the dowels will be longer.

Also next time, I will allow more than just a few hours for the fondant to harden on the letters and roll out the fondant much thinner for spots.

Oh, and the surprise? The inner of the dome cake is stuffed with peanut M&Ms, which I think caused the problem with the dowels (yes, the recipient wanted peanut ones)

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