Sunday, 7 August 2016

Liverpool FC - August 2016

Well, the only things I had any idea about Liverpool FC was ...
It's a footy club
It's red and white
I was asked to make a Liverpool birthday cake for a young lady
Aaaaand that's about it :-)

I initially wanted a football shape but was unable to get the tin(s), so I bought football shaped pieces cutters.  Which, on the day of decorating I realised they'd only work on a spherical cake, not a flat one. No matter,  I'd adapt.

As you can see the decorations consisted of a large printed icing sheet and footy 'pennies', but it also includes the red cake board, red ribbon and a white ribbon printed with red footbĂ lls. Oh I hope that's not overkill on the football theme.

The outside was decorated in white because the delighfull vanilla sponge is bright red. I hope someone sends me a pic of the inside so I can add it here.

There's never a dull moment with my cake baking experiences, but nothing went wrong with the sponge on this one, I guess I was awake this time :-D

I had to adapt the football shape icing because I didn't have a spherical cake to decorate, but I think this one has turned out rather well.

There you go Cerys, I hope you have a great Liverpool birthday xxx

Yummy red sponge inside (",)


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