Friday 17 February 2017

Snooker Table - February 2017

Not being a snooker person, I had to find a good image of a table so I knew how to set the cake out. Yes, I know, some snooker player is going to read this and laugh at me because I had to make a list of balls and get the setup image sorted, but hey, who cares :-)

Total Snooker balls required:
  • 1 x White
  • 1 x Yellow
  • 1 x Brown
  • 1 x Green
  • 1 x Blue
  • 1 x Pink
  • 1 x Black
  • 15 x Red

The balls were handmade from fondant and allowed to dry for a few days.

Because a snooker table is usually made to look like wood, or even made from wood itself, the cake inside is basic chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting

I've seen many snooker table cake ideas, but my intention was to concentrate on the top with the sides as plain as possible.

Even though I wanted this to be simple, I did add:
  • The little chalk block
  • Two cues 
  • A pint
  • And a triangle, which is around the side
  • I did forget the gold coloured half ring around the pockets though 😱

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