Saturday 24 February 2018

Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate Birthday Cake

I love doing fondant-free cakes, they can be so much fun!  I'm loving the multi-coloured top and the thought of eating it, but it's not mine and I could never eat that much chocolate.  

This one is made with:
Once the sponges were cooled, chilled and levelled, I topped the layer off with chocolate frosting, then layered it with the chocolate caramel buttons, then another layer of chocolate frosting. I used about half a bag of these buttons.

Once the two layers were sandwiched together, the sponge was crumbcoated and chilled.  The top layer of chocolate frosting was not chilled prior to affixing the chocolate fingers.  I needed the frosting to act as a glue.

I used about two and a half boxes of chocolate fingers.

Next, let's top this off with some M&Ms. I used about 250g of them and fixed them on the top as random as possible, yet in a circular pattern.

Whilst I started in the middle for the caramel buttons, I started on the outside for the M&Ms.

Is there anything I'd change? Well, yes. I'll use a bigger cake board 😀

Paul's previous cakes from me have included:
The recipient is a bit of a chocolate nut, much like the last one I made a cake like this for. I can't wait for him to see this!

All that's left for me to say is, 

Sto Lat Pawel 


Happy Birthday Paul

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