Wednesday 7 February 2018

Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes - FAIL

I'm going to share these cupcakes with you, even though I consider them a fail!

A fail because of a number of reasons:
  1. I made too much batter because I wasn't thinking and failed to reduce my favourite mix by 25%
  2. Whilst I doubled up on the buttercream and that turned out well, I was baking something else at the time and failed to chill it, so it was far too soft to hold it's shape
  3. And lastly! The most heartbreaking part ... when boxed, I dropped them, and now they're all misshapen

I've never professed to be perfect at baking, but not even I make this many errors in one bake!

It's OK to make mistakes, let's be honest, who's going to leave these go to waste? So, maybe not that much of a fail after all

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