Alphabets & Numbers

In this post, I'm going to share with you images from the different cutters I have for numbers and letters. You can never have too many types of these, all of which can be purchased from a good equipment supplier or Amazon and eBay. Your collection will undoubtedly grow, as mine is.

So far, this page showcases my four sets of alphabets and numbers and my one set of huge numbers, these are shown at the bottom of my post

It will be updated each time I acquire a new set, so keep this post in mind.
*** Style #4 ***
Known to me as my 'Cake Star'
These average out at about 18mm in length
They are my newest acquisition and will probably be my favourite

Style #4: Uppercase only

Style #4: Numbers
*** Style #3 ***
Known to me as my 'purple cutters'
These average out at about 23-25mm in length

Style #3: Uppercase only

Style #3: Numbers

Style #3: Punctuation marks
Yes, I wanted it this way, I don't want to be boring (",)
Let's see how many readers will notice lol
*** Style #2 ***
Due soon
This set is all new to me and I haven't quite got the knack of them yet.
Bare with me as they take me some time
*** Style #1 ***
My first ever set of letter and number cutters.
I don't use these as often any more as I've never been happy with the shapes. But they were used right up until January this year (2017)
Known to me as my 'metal cutters'
These average out at about 25-30mm in length

Style #1: Uppercase only

Style #1: Numbers

*** Very Large Numbers ***
Who says you can't go large on your cake?
This set ranges in size from 72mm to 86mm.

And before anyone asks, yes, the 6 doubles up as a 9

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