Cake Boards and Stands

Sometimes, when you have a special cake being made, you want to display it to its best ability. Sometimes, only a cake stand will do - but you don't have one! You don't want to buy one, simply because maybe you'll only use it once.

Hopefully, I can help. I have a few cake stands and boards that you may wish to borrow.

Some of these I have purchased from new, some were gifted and some were reclaimed from antique stores or were pre-loved when they came to me

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A refundable* deposit may be required.
All damages must be paid for!
Piece(s) must be returned the next working day unless otherwise arranged.

Cake Stands
Pride of Place Cake Stand in 'Old Green'
by T&G
H: 11cm x W: 28cm
QTY 1 

White, Glazed Stand
W: 22.9cm / 9 inches
Currently Unavailable

Clear Glass Stand
H:11.5cm x W:32cm
Can accommodate a cake on a card up to 14"
Can be seen in use here

Cake Boards

Cupcake Stands

Multiple Tier Stands

Cascade 3 Tier Acrylic Wedding Cake Display Stands
by Design Acrylics
Tubes are 11cm diameter and are hollow at both ends to add flowers / lights etc or leave empty.
All tops are 6" 
Heights are S 2"; M 4"; L 6"
QTY 1 Set of 3
Can be used individually or all three together to create a cascade effect
Currently Unavailable
Cakepop Stands


* Full refunds provided piece is returned in the condition it was borrowed.

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