Ganache Using Chocolate or Nutella

Even though in this recipe I used Nutella, for a 'standard' ganache, substitute the Nutella with a good quality dark chocolate and chop it into small pieces. 

You will need to measure by weight!

You will need:
  • By weight:
    • Nutella Hazelnut Spread (or chocolate)
    • Double Cream
Different ratios of Nutella / Chocolate to cream, by weight, will be determined by the thickness / consistency you need:
  • For a glaze and spreading: 1:1 use equal parts Nutella / Chocolate to cream 
  • For thicker spreading: This is my personal favourite. 2:1.5 use two parts chocolate to 1.5 parts cream (e.g. 200g Dark chocolate and 150g Double Cream)
  • For truffles and a thicker spreading consistency: 2:1 use two parts Nutella / Chocolate to  ream
  • For a soft pour-able glaze: 1:2 use one part Nutella / Chocolate to two parts cream 
How to:
  • Place the Nutella into a medium bowl. 
  • If using chocolate, chop into small pieces first
  • Heat the cream in a small sauce pan over medium heat. 
  • Bring just to a boil and then pour it over the Nutella / Chocolate. 
  • Whisk until smooth. 
  • Let the ganache cool slightly before pouring over a cake, cupcakes or ice cream. 
  • If you’re using it to top a cake, start at the centre and work outward.

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