Friday, 7 July 2017

50th Birthday Loo Roll Cake

This cake, for my brother-in-law's 50th birthday, had to be a little on the 'quirky' side to reflect his dry, yet, uniquely him kind of sense of humour.

As you may be aware, if you follow my posts, I've had some refrigerator issues since May, which were resolved, finally, this week. Just in time for this cake.

So I'm taking yet another moment to show the "nother new" fridge off  - working!

Having said all that, once these sponges were carved and on the board, they didn't fit on there anyway! Heartbreak! 

Enter, stage left, my trusty industrial sized cooling fan, which worked a treat and turned my whole kitchen into a refrigerator!

Cake #1 - The bottom

Cake one, or the bottom portion of the whole cake, consisted of mixes of my tried and tested recipe maxed up to a total of 24 eggs. I don't think it's as big as the one I made him last year though.

Covered in a mixture on 1.25kg of chocolate fondant plus 1kg of plain white and an additional 250g of white modelling paste. I used the modelling paste because I find the chocolate fondant very sticky and sometimes hard to work with. Due to the fact that we had another rare hot day (sunshine on top of cake through the net curtain for the photo shoot), it was always going to be difficult. But I did ok.

Cake #2 - The 'loo roll'

For this, I used 1.5 times the mix of 'old faithful' spread over three 6" tins. It was covered using about 750g of white fondant mixed with 250g of modelling paste and placed on its own cake card. Yes, of course I had left overs, but this will be used another time.

I used an extruder (available on Amazon as well as other outlets) and made long 'strings' to imitate the 'sheets' on the top of the roll and a little grey circle to imitate the cardboard tube void in a proper roll of loo paper.

Bringing them together ...

Once the fondant on both portions of the cake had hardened, I added the 'roll' to the top corner of the base, then rolled out a long sheet the same height as the cake, affixed one side to the 'roll' and draped the rest of the length over the cake. I also used a quilting tool to make the perforations on the 'roll'.

I had a few ideas for the wording on this cake, but chose the following - due to young children being at the garden party.

"Another year wiped away. Time for a new roll."

Hopefully, this vanilla sponge will go down well for all those who have some.


  1. HAHA, this 50th Birthday Loo Roll Cake is so cute. The idea is really nice and making of this cake is quite easy so I can try it out at home. Well, at the moment I need some additional ideas for the baby shower cake as I am going to host a mermaid themed baby shower at one of the event Venues in NYC.

    1. Hi Mark, I hope you have (or will) enjoyed making this cake and also hope my process was easy to follow.
      I have yet to be asked to create a baby shower cake. Alas, my family just isn't growing ... yet ��
      Thank you for your comment
      aka Crafty Welsh Grandma

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