Wednesday 11 January 2017

Fondant Mascot aka "Zingy"

Here in the UK a certain energy company uses an absolutely adorable little orange blob, also known as a "poo" in their advertisements. I for one am so in love with him. Check him out on YouTube if you've never seen him before.

I had some orange fondant left after my Snowman Christmas Cake and the fondant teddy bear but not a lot. So, as this little dude is a sort of "crush" of mine, I made one.

  • He was as simple as two, equally sized, rolled balls of fondant. 
  • The head ball has a little curved over "spike"
  • Place the head on the body - use a cocktail stick, cut to size, to secure them together
  • Two small balls of white fondant, flattened for eyes
  • Two tiny black balls of fondant, also for his eyes and ...
  • One small blob of black fondant for his nose.
Simplez ;-)

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