Tuesday 10 January 2017

Fondant Teddy Bear - Attempt #2

Following my first attempt at sculpting a fondant bear, it was time to try again.

The process was the same as before and, as I promised myself, I made my changes (they are listed under the same numbers as the previous bears list of changes):
  1. I used a darker colour, which, in all honesty, didn't make much difference
  2. I purchased the quilting wheel to make the fake stitching, which did made a massive difference.
  3. Embossing the ear with the cake stitching before assembly, isn't quite the way to go as they are handled a lot. Although, I have come to realise that embossing the body first is a good thing.
  4. I scrapped the eyebrows lol
  5. Now it doesn't look like he / she / it has a mono-brow
  6. I'm still working on the eyes, I haven't mastered that just yet.
  7. I moved the thumbs but I'm still not sure, so this is a work in progress
  8. I changed the ears. Instead of pinching the bottom to curve them in a little, I left them with a straight edge. This seems the way to go, but needs perfecting .
I also added a little flower on the head and a small square of patterned fondant for a "blankie".

Check out my first effort here

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