Friday 25 August 2017

CWG's 100th Edible Entry

I wanted to make a cake to celebrate my 100th edible entry on the Crafty Welsh Grandma Baking Blog.  These entries, of which this is the 100th, only include cakes, bakes, cupcakes, puddings or edible cake toppers, it does not include non-edibles, reviews, general posts or DIY tools etc.

I decided to make it a lemon cake using this recipe, but you can use my plain sponge mix and a good quality lemon extract.

I added the Ready Zest, as per this recipe, into the batter mix and then, instead of adding vanilla or plain Simple Syrup ...

Ready Zest

I added the Dr Oertker Lemon Flavour Drizzle. 

Flavour Drizzles

You can, however, make your Simple Syrup and add lemon extract. Use a good quality extract like Nielsen Massey.

Nielson Massey Lemon Extract

Due to suffering the effects of between 80 and 90% humidity, using fondant without a dehumidifier was out of the question, so I used my basic buttercream. To this I added a good quality yellow food colour gel / paste and some lemon extract and then piped it all over.

I wanted this cake to be informal and very relaxed, no fancy decorations (except the gold 100 of course) and definitely not hard work - and I think I did OK.

I wasn't sure if I should 'celebrate' my centenary bake blog entry, but I thought "Everyone else has cake, why not I?"

Over the years I have baked 100s of cakes, but this is my first ever baking blog, which makes this bake another mile-stone! 

I started back when cupcakes were fairy cakes and fondant was something you made yourself, when my children were babies, now, I am a grandmother and baking for my next generation. I'm just waiting for someone to pass my skills onto, but no one wants to learn, they just wanna eat the hard work lol. Having said that ...

I want to say a BIG thank you to my family, my friends and my extended family who have supported me over the years, and we're talking quite a few years. Some have tested my patience whilst others have tested my skills! But without you, I wouldn't be baking. Thank you!

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