Friday 4 August 2017

Cat Cake

My niece is usually the one who instigates the cakes for her mother, and they seem to be growing with the same theme.  Last years was a wonderful patchwork owl. This year, my sister wanted a smaller cake, so my niece decided she's draw exactly what she wanted for her Mum this year.

I think I did a good job to!

The list of specifications, in addition to the sketch above, included:

Back fur, black ears with pink inside, blue eyes, black pupils with highlights and a darker pink nose.

A purple collar with 'Happy Birthday' on it

I even added a nice buckle detail at the back of the collar

A gold tag on the collar with 'Mam' written on it

And it must be Turkish delight flavour.

If you'd like to find out how to get the Turkish delight flavour, check out my Turkish delight cupcakes blog post. The sponge is also full of milk chocolate chips.

I've been having serious issues with humidity in my kitchen, which made my black fondant sweat and become very sticky, to the point of running off.

However, I make every effort to turn negatives into positives and donned a clean pair of food-grade gloves, placed my hands on the cake and gently released them.  This then pulled the fondant and left it with a rather interesting, almost 'fur-like' texture.

Having left the cake open overnight and in front of a fan, it hardened up just in time to box it up - just before my sister walked in when she's not allowed to see it yet. Her birthday isn't until tomorrow!

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