Thursday 28 September 2017

World's Biggest Coffee Morning Cupcakes - Macmillan Cancer Support

I am a keen supporter of a number of charities, with Macmillan Cancer Support being one of them.  

I was unable to host my own Macmillan Coffee Morning, but gladly agreed to help another host with hers - for free!

I was asked to make 60 cupcakes! And, whilst my basic sponge and buttercream recipes does not change, I wanted to showcase the five boxes I made, including a box of gluten free. With the exception of the chocolate cupcakes and their buttercream, these cupcakes are vanilla.

Gluten free with small silver balls (above)

Triple pink roses with pink sugar sprinkles (above)

100s and 1000s surrounded roses (above)

Chocolate and vanilla frosting with a Malteser topper (above)

Chocolate through and through with curled chocolate sprinkles (above)

As with most of my baking exploits, I'm never without a drama somewhere. Two boxes of cupcakes were made using more expensive cases (the pink and yellow càses), but they have proved to be of no use. I have never suffered with the cases coming away from the cupcake before, unless I've used these cases. Safe to say, I won't be using then again!

I hope the fundraiser was a success for the host!

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