Friday 6 April 2018

Chocolate 18th Birthday Delight

Last month, it was my nephew's 18th birthday, this month it's his friend's 18th birthday. Quite independently of each other, both the mums managed to chose remarkably similar cakes for their sons birthdays.

In addition to this cake, this lucky 18-year-old will also be receiving two dozen delicious matching cupcakes!

This 8" chocolate cake, mix here, is sandwiched together with delightful chocolate buttercream, with a surprise of chocolate buttons in the very centre with the buttercream. surrounded with chocolate fingers and topped off, and surrounded by Maltesers.

This young man's mum obtained the topper in a wonderful glitter blue, so I co-ordinated the cake board and ribbon for this cake.

These chocolate cakes, as I have mentioned before, are becoming quite popular, this is the fourth one I have had the pleasure of creating and I love every one. Although, I've only had the pleasure of receiving a slice from 50% of them.

Let's hope the recipient enjoys them all and has a great 18th birthday

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