Thursday 19 April 2018

Big May Wedding

Next month, on the 19th, this Crafty Welsh Grandma has a very special wedding to contend with. My eldest son is getting married to a wonderful woman, and I have been tasked with the responsibility of ... The Wedding Cake!

Over the next few weeks, with the exception of my Grandson's 10th birthday, I have cleared my diary!

Which will mean, I will have little, if anything, that I can publish.
The whole set of wedding projects are a bit of a secret until May 19th.
But I don't want to lose any readers.
So, please ... 

If you already follow my blog you will have a load of notifications on the 19th May, letting you know that my scheduled posts have been published. This should happen at about 14:15 BST.

If you don't already follow CGW's blog, you can do so now to keep up-to-date.

Check down the column on the right to either Subscribe or Follow by eMail.

The posts scheduled, will be published here first during the wedding and not posted anywhere else until after the wedding.

A list of scheduled publications include:
  • Cake topper(s)
  • Table decorations
  • A handcrafted cake stand
  • A handcrafted, hand-fasting ribbon lei
  • The main topper repaint
  • The Cake
    • In tiers and
    • As a whole (but after I arrive home from the wedding)
I am also setting out a separate Wedding and Engagement Cake and Project Index, I will add a link on each project when I'm home from the wedding weekend

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