Sunday 23 September 2018

Small Unicorn Cake

This is the second Unicorn Cake I have made this month! Although we are all aware that cakes of these mystical creatures are a 'thing', some may feel that they are a little difficult to create. I want to show you that, even if you do not feel confident enough to create a Unicorn cake, there is no need to be.

My previous Unicorn Cake, seen here, was a fondant-free buttercream bonanza with a golden 3D horn topper. This one is utterly simple and it's the topper that makes this special.

 Click here for the supplier website

The Unicorn Cake Decorating Mould from Katy Sue Designs is the perfect choice for creating a wonder out of simplicity. It is a sturdy mould and exceptionally good quality. The brilliant plus-point of the Katy Sue Designs website is, they have video tutorials for pretty much every mould that they manufacture and sell! I urge you to check it out!

It was made using Renshaw's white modeling paste, removed from the mould, then allowed to dry overnight before 'painting'.  To paint this I used edible white pearl paint and edible petal dust for the mane, the flowers and leaves, then edible gold for the horn and some highlights. Once done, it was sprinkled over with edible lustre dust.

This is a simple, vanilla sponge using three six-inch cake tins and a three egg mix for each tin. It was topped in simple vanilla syrup, then sandwiched together, crumbcoated and final coated using vanilla buttercream

Once suitably chilled, the cake was covered in marbled fondant using 3 x 250g packs of Renshaws ready to roll icing, two in Baby Pink and one in Fushia Pink pack.

The excess fondant was mixed together to make one colour and used for the rope at the bottom, where the cake met the coloured eight-inch board.

I picked out and added only a few tiny hearts and stars out of the cake sprinkles I had, painted the rope at the bottom with the edible pearl paint.

And, well, that's it really. A superb and very simple, elegant Unicorn Cake!

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