Monday 6 March 2017

Grumpy Cat Cake Topper

Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce is a bit of a sensation. But my niece wanted him as a topper for her birthday cake!

You will need:
  • Ivory / Pale brown fondant
  • Light brown fondant
  • Dark brown fondant
  • White fondant
  • Pink fondant
  • Pale blue fondant
  • Black fondant
  • Edible glue / water
  • A cocktail stick or stick of uncooked spaghetti
Step 1: The body and head

  • Using the ivory or pale brown fondant, roll a cone shaped body and flatten the bottom by tapping the cone onto your work surface a few times
  • Using the same fondant, roll a ball in proportion to the body
Step 2: Face detail

  • Cut a light brown circle that is in proportion to the face
  • Cut two triangles, for ears, from the same fondant
  • Cut a smaller white circle (right)
  • Using the cutter you used for the white piece, cut away two sides of the circle so it looks like the shape above.
  • You will need to model the very top into a straighter shape.
  • Using a smaller circle cutter (I used a large circle piping tip) cut two pale blue curcles
  • Cut the tops off both of these
  • Stick all these shapes onto the brown circle (see final image)
Step 3: Underbelly bib

  • From white fondant, cut an oval white shape for the underbelly bib
Step 4: The nose

  • Using pink fondant, mould a sausage shape and make an indent on the bottom in the middle

  • Construct the face (as above) before placing on the head of the body
  • My hands are not so steady these days so I will be making some adjustments to this. 
  • Using some small black balls of fondant, stick these onto the pale blue almost half circles then, using white fondant, roll two even smaller balls to use as eye highlights.
  • I messed the eyes up on mine to I waited for it to dry then coloured the misshapen highlights into a more presentable circle shape.
  • Roll two skinny sausage shapes and trim to fit above the pale blue eyes
  • Use an edible pen to draw on the sad mouth.
  • Place the face onto the head ball
  • Using a cocktail stick, insert this into the body leaving some to stick on the head.
  • Place some glue around the visible cocktail stick and stick the head on
  • Ensure you cannot seen the cocktail stick
  • Glue the brown triangles on for ears
  • Glue the underbelly bob onto the front  
  • Roll some dark brown fondant into a tail and, sticking it at the back centre of your work, curl it around to the front

Allow to dry and top off your cake!

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