Monday 6 March 2017

Pusheen Cake Topper

This little cutie seemed to make itself so fast that I failed to take step-by-step progress shots! But I will do my best to publish a 'how-to'.  

This Pusheen is 'bursting' out of a gift box wearing a party hat.  

The Pusheen:
  • This is all done by eye
  • Use grey fondant and shape a short, fat sausage
  • Tap this on your work surface whilst it's upright. This will give you a flat bottom
  • Shape the top for ears
    • Make an indent in the middle of the 'head' and bring the two sides to rounded 'points' with your fingers
    • Once you're happy with the basic shape, smooth the centre ready for a party hat.
  • Flatten your Pusheen at the front at the back so it's more of an oval upright sausage with pointed ears
  • Take the blunt edge of a knife and score each side of your Pusheen a few times (see image above)
  • Re-shape your ears until you are happy with the shape
  • For the hat, use a small amount of fondant and roll into a pointed cone, top off with a star (optional)
  • For the face, your can sculpt the features with black fondant of use an edible pen as I did

The Gift Box:
  • This can be made out of a cube of cake that is crumb coated, chilled and covered in a thin base layer of fondant. 
  • The cube can also be made from Rice Krispies with marshmallow and butter, but I haven't modelled anything with this at this time.
  • Once covered in your base layer of fondant, chill again before adding your final layer of fondant.
  • When the second coat is applied you can:
    • Cut the pattern below into the top, It should be no bigger than the bottom of your Pusheen and bring the attached triangles up and fold over onto the gift box
    • Cut triangle shapes from matching gift box fondant and stick these onto the top of your box around your Pusheen 
  • Cut strips of contrasting fondant to use as ribbon.
  • Stick, using edible glue or water, to the sides of your cake. Ensure you cut away the 'ribbon' from the top centre of the cake so your Pusheen fits flat. Fit the ribbon under the triangles
  • Decorate your gift box (optional)
  • Using a cocktail stick, push through gift box, push the Pusheen onto that and then the hat onto the last piece

Top off your cake

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