Friday 7 July 2017

Gluten Free Cupcakes

This was to be a first for me! I'd never made anything gluten free / GF before.

I used the same recipe as I always have but changed the flour for GF flour / substitute.

I noticed that the batter mix was slightly more 'grainy' than a batter that used conventional flour, but this did not lessen the quality of the overall flavour.

I think, maybe, I suffered a little 'overkill' when making these. I double washed all my tools and utensils, made 100% sure that these cupcakes did not come into contact with any item or food product that contained gluten.  

Cupcakes - before decoration

As I jar up all my ingredients, I purchased a new tub of baking powder that was certified GF as well as making sure all my colourings and flavours were also certified GF.

Icing sugar is also GF so the buttercream topping was simply my usual mixture. 

I adjusted the mix and only used 75% of the ingredients. With good sized cupcake cases and my faithful old ice cream scoop, the recipe is perfect for 12 wonderful cupcakes.

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