Friday 14 July 2017

Captain Blueberry's Pirate Cupcakes

Once more I find myself saying ... "It's not everyday that my Grandson asks me for something ..." yet here I am again :)

I found myself at the school for a meeting on his progress, he has ADHD and ASD, so every progress update is important. Anyway, he was telling 'Sir' how "my Grandma makes the bestest cakes" and, in the same breath asked "Will you make me some cakes for the weekend Grandma?" I still can't say no to him, even though he's nine now.

It ended up not only being cupcakes, but blueberry cupcakes and pirate cupcakes too! So here they are.

I used my standard cake mix and added an additional 200g of fresh blueberries. I've never been a fan of cooked fruits, I prefer them raw, but I had to try. Once mixed in gently, I realised that I should have adjusted the mix to make allowances for the increase in volume that these blueberries were to add. I ended up making 24 medium sized cupcakes and I only needed 12.

The cooked for a few minutes more than usual but turned out ok.

For the buttercream, I wanted to, somehow add blueberries to that too. So, with my usual buttercream mix, double quantity for 24, I split it in half.  Half was to be plain whilst the other half was to be blueberry flavoured with the fruits.

I blitzed about 100g of blueberries to a pulp, then sieved out the bits. Now, I like a few blueberries but didn't realised that they'd be a redish colour when blitzed! This was annoying. I mixed it in the designated half of the buttercream and adjusted with some additional icing sugar to compensate for the wetness that I knew they were going to add.

Disaster! How was I going to explain to my Grandson that mushed blueberries turned the buttercream pink! I cheated! I added a small amount of violet food colour gels and it turned out perfect. A purpley blue - that'll do for me!

Once piped onto the cupcakes I added a fresh blueberry to top it off and, of course, a pirate flag. Believe it or not, I purchased pirate cupcake cases, but failed to realise that the blueberries would stain out the pirate face on the bottom. However, the flag is there, so I'm happy. 

That was the quickest, impromptu bake I've had for a long time. I just hope they taste yummy

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