Wednesday 1 November 2017

'Cake' for my cat's birthday

Yep, you read that quite correctly. I have never before, and probably will never again, make a cat food birthday cake lol.

This is intended to be a fun entry!

I make lots of cakes for people but, the one special guy in my life is my cat, and he is celebrating his 13th human birthday (I'm not sure how old that is in cat years).  So I'm making a birthday cake for him. Unfortunately he can only share it with companion here and us humans will just be having coffee and cookies - no cake thank you.

Cats should not really eat people cake and most definitely should not eat sweet stuffs like fondants, I'm not sure if they like that anyway, they'll get tooth decay. Anyway ...

I purchased five 85g tins of gourmet wet cat food and pates.  Three of the tins were salmon flakes, one tin was turkey pate and the last was a salmon pate. Absolutely no baking went on here!

Now, I had to look through my equipment to find if I had anything I could use that I would no longer need for food use.  I managed to find a large misshapen cookie cutter (that I hadn't used in such a long time) and a cake card that I would not be able to use for anyone's cake anyway.
  • I mixed together the three tins of salmon flakes and divided it into two.  
  • Half was placed onto the cake card in the cookie cutter, flattened and smoothed out.
  • On top of that, I added one of the pates that I had mixed up a little.
  • Then added the remaining salmon flakes onto the top of that.
  • Last, but not least, I mixed up the other tin of pate and placed it onto the top in misshapen balls of sorts
  • All that was left was the candle.  I never buy candles so had to make an effort to go get some for this cake.
  • I chilled the 'cake' a little before I put the candle in it. These flakes were not the best option for a cat's cake I don't think 
  • Once I blew out the candle, and to prevent the devastation that I imagined would be left on my floor if I left it on the cake card, I spooned it into his new cat bowl - which he had for his birthday too
This, I can assure you, is not the kind of content that will make it regularly into my caking blog, but I just wanted to share the experience with you all.
This is definitely the last cat food cake this Grandma will be making lol
It might not even make it to my growing portfolio 

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