Wednesday 8 November 2017

Slow No

I'm going to call this month "Slow No" because it's a slow November! I only have two projects this month.

My first project was my cat's 13th birthday cake and another project at the end of the month. I had better not give the game away just in case the recipient somehow reads this before hand. The resources are being collected for that rather special cake.

In about the middle of the month, my friend has asked me to shadow her and offer assistance, if needed, for her own cakey bakey experience. She's already a pretty cool caker, but she wants to try fondant and decorate it herself.

If she allows me, I'll showcase her finished piece here for your viewing pleasure.

Now, next month, that's manic! I have nine projects!!!!!

There's five rich fruit celebration cakes for festive decoration. Check out last year's:
There's one sponge cake, check out last year's:
And then there are the festive cupcakes, about three dozen. Here's last years:
Then I'm back to the preparations for the wedding cake I have in May. Yes, I know it's early, but with five tiers, this is my biggest challenge to date.

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