Friday 23 March 2018

18-Year-Old's Plethora of Chocolate

These types of cakes are becoming very popular for this here Crafty Welsh Grandma, this is the third one I've made in the last six or seven months.  

This one is for my Nephew, commissioned for him by his parents. He was 18 last weekend but is not having his celebration with his family until this weekend.

His Mam always insists on purchasing the resources required for the cakes that she asks me for, but this time, she has vastly over bought stuff! I think maybe I'll suggest that she leaves the purchasing to me from now on. She has a lot of waste - but the cake looks amazing! The cake stand in this image was not used on the day.

As I stated earlier, this kind of cake is becoming very common, check out my previous ones here:
This one consisted of:
It was decorated with:
  • Chocolate buttercream to stick all this chocolatey-ness onto.
  • Piped chocolate buttercream around the bottom of the cake, topped with alternate white and milk chocolate buttons
  • Hidden on the inside:
    • Chocolate M&Ms with
    • Crispy M&Ms
  • On the sides:
    • Milk chocolate finger biscuits
    • White chocolate finger biscuits 
  • On the top:
    • Maltesers
    • Minstrals
    • Milk chocolate buttons
    • White chocolate buttons 
Then trimmed off with a white grosgrain with a blue 'Happy Birthday' on it, which matches the wonderful blue glitter topper!

Oh, I almost forgot ... Some birthday magic in the shape of gold lustre dust!  Otherwise known as 'Unicorn F*rts!'

My nephew's other cakes have included:

I'm guessing all that's left for me to say is ...
Happy 18th Birthday to my little nephew xxx

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