Friday 9 March 2018

Kawaii Carrot Cake

Yes, I know, this little dude has "bed hair", but that's because he has a long way to travel.  The less sticky-uppy bits he has, the less chance of damage in transit.

I adore kawaii things, let's face it, what's not to adore?  "What on earth is kawaii?" I hear some of you ask. Kawaii simply means cute! So, this little dude is ... A cute carrot cake! 

You will remember that my last cake was, in fact, another carrot cake! So what happened?  The Carrot Cake Plant Pot was destined for my eldest son's birthday last weekend. Nothing happened to the cake, it was quite fine, but we had this bit of a storm called 'Emma' combined with the 'Beast From the East' which made travelling to deliver this cake to my son in time for his birthday was virtually impossible (see Wikipedia about the cold wave).  By the time the storm dissipated, his birthday was over!

So, let's not worry about that now! Let's concentrate on the new cake, the new belated birthday cute cake even.

As you can see, it's not a plant pot this time. My son saw a picture of the plant pot cake and now I had to top that, as well as keep it secret because this time, he knows I'm visiting, but knows nothing about the cake this time - I hope!

The cake is made exactly the same as the Carrot Cake Plat Pot, but this time, the trimming left a bigger base than the plant pot did and it includes an internal cake card with bubble tea straws for stability!

The cool thing about cakes with eyes is ... they stare at you out of the box and it's so funny to see! The same this also happened when I made the Easter Chick last year

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