Saturday 9 June 2018

21st Birthday Strawberries Drip Cake

The recipient of this cake is not 21 for another few days, but the gifter needed the cake for an earlier date. Which means ... I needed to bake on my own birthday!

However, it's not every day that you're 21, so this time, I didn't mind so much. I simply postponed my own birthday plans to get this extra special drip cake, for an extra special birthday, completed for when it's needed.

The simple, vanilla sponge was stacked five layers high, coated in classic complimenting vanilla frosting then dripped and drizzled over with brilliant white candy melts. Which didn't quite work as well as usual, but it still looks great

The classic vanilla sponge was baked over three six-inch tins. Each mix was adjusted to ensure that two of the tins had a mix adjusted down to a three egg mix and one tin adjusted down to a two egg mix. These would then be trimmed into the five layers and laced with vanilla simple syrup.

The basic, but still delicious, frosting mix, was almost tripled for this cake.

Now, the taller these cakes get, the harder it is to get a wide enough side scraper or bench scraper to smooth off the sides, so here's today's tip for you...
Get yourself one of these - It's a drylining trowel, used in the building trade. Remove the handle and give it a good scrub and sterilise it.  Make sure this is dedicated to only ever cake making and also ensure it was purchased new for this purpose.

Back to the cake ...

The personalised topper was purchased from a shop on eBay as is made from laser engraved mirror acrylic.
The fresh strawberries were dipped in the same bright white candy melts/buttons as was used for the dripping and then drizzled over with some dark chocolate.  There are also some strawberries where the coating was mirrored i.e. dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled over with the white
Once they were affixed to the cake, any space left was crammed with full or halved French Fancies
To give the cake a little extra flair, some feathers, a champagne bottle and glass decoration (available at all good cake deco stockists) were added along with some silver pearls. I will probably be finding these in all the hard to reach places in my kitchen for days to come. The little blighters roll everywhere!

Oh! I almost forgot! Check out the little tiny football decoration hidden at the top below the feathers. This recipient also had a cake made by me last year, the Blue Football Cake. I just hope she still likes a little footie theme.

Once everything was completed, I added a touch of magic by way of edible silver luster dust.

Hopefully, she's going to have a fabulous birthday and all that's left for me to say is ...

Happy 21st Asha
I hope you have an amazing and memorable birthday 

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