Monday 29 August 2016

DIY Flower Forming Cups

The image above is of a flower forming cup / mould that you can buy.
A valuable bit of kit when making, shaping and drying sugar paste / gum paste / fondant flowers.

They have a hole in the bottom for a wire, if used.

Having said that, they're seriously expensive! I've even seen just one for £5.00!!!

So why not make your own?

All you need is an economy, plain plastic paint palette.

Make sure you buy trays with a dome-shaped cup, the flat ones are no use. I used to use a cake pop cooling tray.

You can buy one like this, from a hobby shop, for as little as 50p

And one like this for not much more!

All you need to do is, using a small drill bit or other alternative, make a hole in the bottom of each cup. Use drill on slowest setting and drill from the inside out. I had someone to poke holes in mine with a small screwdriver. But I'm not about to suggest you do the same! Use a little sandpaper to scuff off the bits from the underside.

And that's it!

How simple is that?

If you need to insert a wire, then stand your tray on a cooling rack so the wire can hang below.

Ta Dah !!!

Also available on Instructables
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