Sunday 10 December 2017

Festive Mouse Cake Topper

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a ...

Due to some camera and phone issues, I'm not able to bring you a pictorial step by step how to for this project.

However, as with my previous projects, they are all basically the same except, for this one, I made the head and body out of one piece of fondant.  If you check out the Festive Fondant Index and have a look at the Gingerbread People, this will give you a good idea.

You will need:
  • White fondant
  • Red fondant
  • A tiny bit each of black
  • Some pink fondant
  • A little green fondant
  • Edible glue / water
How to:
  1. Roll out your ball of white fondant, ensure it is fatter at the bottom.
  2. Lay your work on its side or horizontally 
  3. About 2/3 of the way up, using your finger, gently roll the ball with your finger only, pressing in to make an indent for a neck.
  4. If you find this two difficult, check out the Gingerbread People blog entry and make the body and head in teo pieces.
  5. Stand upright and insert a piece of spaghetti (if the topper is going to be eaten, or a cocktail stick if it's going to be kept for decoration.
  6. Shape the front of the top 1/3 of your work to a delicate point, for the mouse's nose.
  7. For the eyes - Make indents it the face for both eyes and a nose.
  8. Roll two balls of black fondant and drop these into the two indents you've made for the eyes. 
  9. Add a highlight using a tiny ball of fondant.
  10. for the nose -Use the same process for the nose as you did for the eyes
  11. Make two indents into the bottom of the nose for the nostrils
  12. Now add a line from the underneath of the nose down to where you want the mouth to be. 
  13. Make a mouth shape using a scallop tool.
  14. For the arms - Roll two thin sausage shapes and fix to the body near the neck and bring them down to the fron of the body
  15. For the feet - Take two small balls of pink fondant, roll them into tubes and flatten.
  16. Add some 'toes' using a blade tool
  17. Fix these under the body
  18. For the tail - Take the same pink and roll a ;ong, thin sausage shape.
  19. Fix under the back of the body and then shape into a curly tail.
  20. For the hat - Roll a cone shape of red fondant
  21. Make a dent in the bottom
  22. Shape so that the brim is bigger than the mouse's head and ensure it is in proportion.
  23. For pictures, check out the Gingerbread Person blog entry 
  24. For the brim - Roll a long, thin length of white, flatten, add some indents to simulate fur.
  25. Glue to the brim
  26. For the ball - Add a 'fluffy; ball to the point
  27. Fix hat to head
  28. For the ears - Roll two balls of white fondant and flatten
  29. Add two smaller pink balls to the centre of these and flatten.
  30. Using a ball tool, make two indents into the hat where you want the ears to be
  31. Pinch the bottom of the ears and fit the pinched portion into the holes.
  32. Add a sprig of holly to the hat with some red berries
  33. For the scarf - Roll out a length of red fondant, cut to the width you need 
  34. Check against your work for the length and trim
  35. Fix around neck
  36. Sprinkle with some festive magic - edible glitter
  37. Allow to dry

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