Thursday 21 December 2017

Santa in Chimney Pot Christmas Cake

Initially, this cake was to have been only a six inch cake, so the Santa emerging from a chimney pot was made specifically for that sized Rich Fruit Cake.

However, as people do, once my friend saw the topper, she thought it best she changed her mind and made it a ten inch cake instead. I wasn't sure how this was going to work. But it has.

After the white marzipan had hardened, I covered the sides in a light grey, hand coloured fondant then, layed some bricks! Each brick shape was hand cut and fixed to the sides, one by one. Just like a proper brick wall. I've come to realise ... I'm not a brickie (brick layer). "Perps and pojnting" are not my forte either. But somehow, it turned out terrific.

Once more, the snow on the top effect was used. 

I now had to work out how to make this ten inch cake pretend it was a six inch one, and be a chimney pot too! It was as simple a cutting a disk in pale grey and ensuring it was in the centre. Victorian chimney pots are usually ornate, so I added fondant, in a rope design, around the pot hole. I added a few snowballs and voilĂ ! It worked amazingly!

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