Wednesday 20 December 2017

Mouse and Tree Christmas Cake

This little sweetie was made for my good friends. It's an eight in Rich Fruit Cake covered in white marzipan and then white fondant.

The little mouse was made earlier in the month and the tree was a last minute addition.

Even though it was a festive holiday gift, they were tucking into it before I'd even got home. Their 2016 festive cake can be found here.

The sides were covered in green, not the top though, then I rolled out the white top, placed the bottom of the baking pan, I'd used to bake it in, on top of the rolled out sheet, then cut the wave shape bigger than the pan bottom. I them placed this on the top, smoothed it on as usual at the top, then hand smoothed the wàves down the sides and softened the cut edges when "glueing" them to the sides.

The rope detail was shaped using a silicone mould. I added a fondant snowflakes to the larger spaces on the green and then glued on little candy pearls to simulate smaller flakes of snow.

I enjoyed the overall effect so much, I decided to replicate it once more for the next cake I decorated.

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