Wednesday 9 November 2016

Fondant Christmas Tree - Snowflake cutter

A step-by-step picture guide on how to make a fondant 
Christmas tree cupcake topper (centre)
using a snowflake cutter

For this you will need:
  • White fondant
  • A small fondant star
  • Glitter spray
  • A cocktail stick
  • Set of snowflake cutters in three sizes
  • Icing sugar / Fondant icing sugar
Note: Add a dab of thick, piped fondant icing to each star before adding the next one

Step 1: Cut out your snowflakes

3No Large
3No Medium
3No Small

Allow to dry a little so they become easier to handle

Step 2: Start stacking

Starting at the bottom and with the largest snowflake, place a dab of piped fondant then stack each snowflake on top of each other in size order.

It was at this point that I dropped my project :-(
so I hope this will still look OK in the images after this

Step 3: Add your small star and sprinkle with some festive magic

Or in this case, a little edible glitter

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  1. These look absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to try making these for Christmas this year I can tell already the children and adults alike will be going mad for them :) thank you for all the help and continuous uploads xxx


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