Saturday 5 November 2016

Fondant Poinsettia

You will need:

  • Modelling fondant (or alternative)
  • Small, medium and large calyx cutters
  • Red food colour paste (not required if you have red modelling paste)
  • Green food colour paste (not required if you have green modelling paste)
  • Gold or silver food colour paste, you can use white if you cant get gold or silver
  • Rolling pin
  • Ball tool with large ball
  • Forming cup
  • Cornflour for rolling out
  • Small star shape cutter or small daisy cutter
  • Water or edible glue and
  • a brush 

Step 1: Roll out fondant and cut
  • Roll out green fondant and cut two using largest cutter
  • Roll out red fondant and cute two medium and two small
  • Always cover your fondant to stop it hardening
  • Add one green shape to the forming cup.
  • Next, add a dab of water or edible glue to the centre, then add the second green shape with its points in the space left by the bottom layer.
  • Using the same process as before, add the two medium sized shapes on top of the green - remembering each time to rotate the top shape slightly so it fills the gap between petals of the layer below.
  • Again, the same process with the smallest red shapes

Step 3: Add a small star or daisy shape
  • Cut out your white star, or colour your fondant with the gold and cut out.
  • Before you add it to your flower, with your large ball tool, gently press all the layers together. A dab of water or glue, then add the star

  • Last but not least, use a small amount of modelling paste, roll into a small ball, add a drop of water or glue to centre then drop the small balls into centre of your flower.
  • Alternatively, you can add a shop bought edible decorative ball

Step 4: Allow to dry

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