Friday 16 December 2016

Christmas Tree Cake

The last of the three cakes I decorated today.  

They're each made with my Rich Fruit Celebration Cake recipe in small, medium and large. All are alcohol free.

Because using frosting / buttercream to 'crumb coat and chill' is not an option with such a rich mix, the crumb coat was marmalade. Warm it up a little (microwave or hob), mix it a little then, using a brush, coat the cake with a thin layer before covering in marzipan.

I used white marzipan. Cover in exactly the same way as you would with fondant. Cover in a layer of fondant and decorate.


This is the medium sized one, about 6.5 inches.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this one. I pondered for some time, a Christmas tree was the only Christmas 'thing' I hadn't done today but I wanted it different.

I covered it in black fondant and gave it a generous blast of edible silver glitter, quite generous in fact. I allowed it to settle and dry some before I started fixing on the stars.

I cut quite a few small, medium and large from the one set of plunger cutters I have and allowed them to dry. Similar ones here on Amazon

I cut a basic Christmas tree shape out of the middle of a paper and placed the basic triangle shape on the cake for measure, I placed a bigger star at the top point as the tree topper (Similar ones here on Amazon). This star came from the set that is the next size up from the ones used previous and are metal cutters.

I then removed this shape and used the paper cutout (tree shaped hole in centre) that was left over to place on the top as a guide.

Place a few stars in strategic places so you can remove the paper and, using them as your guide, fill the shape with the small stars from the small set of plunger cutters. I used the tiny ones to squeeze into the spaces that were left so the tree looked fuller.

Next, again from the metal set of star cutters, I cut medium sized cutter to cut the ones that are fixed just off the edge of the top all the way around.

I used diamante cake ribbon around the base to add that extra bit of bling to this sparkley cake. Similar here on Amazon

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