Thursday 15 December 2016

Fondant Holly Wreath

Another of my Festive Fondant creations. 

This little holly wreath can be used as a centre piece for your cake or as a cupcake topper. Can be made with, or without a forming cup and there are a mix of images from both methods here:

You will need:
  • Modelling fondant / paste in red and green or
  • Modelling fondant / paste in white if colouring your own
  • Colour pastes in red and green if colouring your own
  • 75mm Forming cup - optional
  • Water / edible glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Small (optional), medium and large holly cutters
  • Rolling pin
  • Edible silver and / or gold spray glitter (optional)

Prepare the following:

Roll out your fondant as thin as you can without it breaking, then:
  • Cut 7 Large holly leaves
  • Cut 7 Medium holly leaves
  • Cut 7 Small holly leaves (optional)
  • Roll about 6 small red balls for berries
Layer #1

Because I want to show you that you don;t need the forming cups, this image shows the first layer without. If using forming cups, you won't need the greaseproof paper, but I strongly advise that you use some if you don't have a forming cup 

Lay seven holly leaves around in a circle and leave only a very small gap in the centre

Layer #2

Add some edible glue or water to each of the leaves, about 1/3 of the leaf and concentrate on the edges of the leaves more than the middle

Add the medium sized leaves, as close to the centre of your project as possible, so they cover the join of the leaves from layer one.
At this point, you can stop adding layers and skip the next layer if you only wish to have two (image left)

Layer #3 (optional)

If you like just two layers, skip this step

Add your third layer, again as close to the centre of your project as possible, using glue / water, place the smallest of your leaves on the joins of the medium leaves.

Add berries:

Start with the centre, glue your first berry on. Then, glue a further five on surrounding this first one.

Add some festive magic:

Otherwise known as edible glitter, add some festive magic to your creations.

Allow to dry and harden before topping the centre of your Christmas cake or festive cupcakes

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