Friday 16 December 2016

Snowflake Christmas Cake

One of three cakes I decorated today.  

They're each made with my Rich Fruit Celebration Cake recipe in small, medium and large. All are alcohol free.

Because using frosting / buttercream to 'crumb coat and chill' is not an option with such a rich mix, the crumb coat was marmalade. Warm it up a little (microwave or hob), mix it a little then, using a brush, coat the cake with a thin layer before covering in marzipan.

I used white marzipan. Cover in exactly the same way as you would with fondant. Cover in a layer of fondant and decorate.


This is the smallest one, about 5 inches.

Cover in red fondant and, using three different size snowflake cutters, these cutters are the ones also used to make the festive fondant Christmas tree.

Cut one large for the centre, medium ones along the top edge and the smaller ones around the sides. I then added some white balls in between snowflakes and cut a ribbon from fondant. 

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