Saturday 24 December 2016

Fondant Snowman

My niece, Sadie, and I had a little spare time yesterday and made some fondant snowmen, I promised her a showcase and here it is

We used:

We used standard fondant, not modelling fondant
  • Three balls of white fondant (one a little bigger than the rest)
  • One small piece of orange fondant shaped into a cone for his carrot nose
  • A length of red fondant for his scarf
  • A small bit of green fondant for a holly leaf
  • Some black fondant, one skinny sausage shape, about eight tiny black balls and one big black ball
  • A cocktail stick
  • And some edible silver glitter
Bottom Ball:

Use the biggest of your fondant balls

We found it easier to poke little holes in the front of the body, we then glued two little black balls in and then we then squished them in a little.

As you can see, they are out of shape, but stones and coal aren't perfect.

We then placed the cocktail stick in the middle and stood it upright.

Middle Ball:

Made in exactly the same way as the bottom ball. Then we placed a little water on top of the first ones to act as a glue for the second one, then we carefully placed the second ball on the cocktail stick.

His Scarf:

We took the length of red fondant and cut the ends so it looked like the fringe of a scarf. Then we added a little drop of water on top of the second ball, to act like a glue, then wrapped the red fondant around the cocktail stick and pressed it down so the head would fit on.

His Head:

Again, in the same way that we put the buttons on, place his eyes on his head. Then add his carrot nose. If it doesn't stick, take it off, poke a hole where you want his carrot nose to be, pinch the end of the carrot that will be stuck to his face and press it into the hole. 

You'll probably have to tidy it up a little, but what's wrong with ugly veg anyway? 
His mouth is tricky so roll a very skinny, small sausage shape and place this where you want his smile to be. Press it on securely.

Don't put his head on his body just yet 

His Hat:

By now the black fondant will have started to harden so, cut a little slice off the bottom to make a flat surface, mould the top into any hat shape you like - bowler hat or top hat.

Now, whilst his head is the right way up on a flat surface, add a dab of water to the top. Gently press the black fondant shape to the top, this will also push the white fondant onto the flat surface ad give you a flat bottom.

Take your long black skinny sausage shape and carefully place it around the bottom of the black ball to make a rim for his hat.

Attach his head to his body:

By now, his body should have hardened a little and become a little more secure, so you can take out the cocktail stick.

Using a small dab of water as glue, stick his head onto his body.

Add your holly leaf to his hat at voila! Your snowman!

Sprinkle with some festive magic - edible glitter

Leave his somewhere safe overnight to harden up.

Here's another idea for some frosty friends:

Have a Blessed Yule and a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you all for your support in 2016

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