Friday 16 December 2016

Holly Wreath Christmas Cake

The second of three cakes I decorated today.  

They're each made with my Rich Fruit Celebration Cake recipe in small, medium and large. All are alcohol free.

Because using frosting / buttercream to 'crumb coat and chill' is not an option with such a rich mix, the crumb coat was marmalade. Warm it up a little (microwave or hob), mix it a little then, using a brush, coat the cake with a thin layer before covering in marzipan.

I used white marzipan. Cover in exactly the same way as you would with fondant. Cover in a layer of fondant and decorate.


This is the largest one, about 9 inches.

Cover in white fondant, I used a small holly wreath as a centre piece. The I cut each holly leaf and fixed them, individually along the top and outside edge. I then added red candy balls for berries.

A 2 inch red ribbon and bow, with printed green Christmas trees, finished it off wonderfully.

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