Thursday 8 June 2017

Floral Cake Topper

I was tasked with a commission a little out of my comfort zone, making a cake topper to compliment / match a bride's bouquet for the wedding cake I have also been commissioned for.

Issues to overcome were:
  1. I can't make bouquets
  2. I had to match the artificial roses in her bouquet, exactly!
The best way for me to go was delegate the task to my faithful topper maker, whose crowning glory finished off the Naked Engagement Cake I made for a family member back in April.

Below is an image of the bridal bouquet ...

It's a simple, yet elegant bouquet. For the topper, it was not possible to use the blue 'glitter' pieces as it wasn't possible to find food safe ones where the glitter wouldn't fall onto the cake.

I sent my topper maker off to source and purchase, on a strict budget, the artificial roses that exactly match the bridal bouquet. Full credit and thanks to them for doing such a perfect job and sourcing the perfect match, if not exact same ones.

As the bouquet topper's assistant, I simply made suggestions and took pictures to check back on later, blow is an image of one of the suggestions / ideas that we had ...

I'd promised the bride-to-be some pearls, but the ones I wanted did not look the best when in the bouquet, so I chose small flower and pearl pieces. I think it looks quite nice!

The bride-to-be's cake is to be ivory (by request) with silver balls in the quilted design on the top and bottom tier, with that in mind, we added some diamante pins.  These would compliment both the cake and the bouquet.

The finished topper (image at top of this blog post) will crown the wedding cake that I am making for the June wedding.

I would like to take this chance to thank my faithful topper maker for another wonderful crowning glory. Without their help, what would I do to compliment my cakes? The toppers make the whole thing perfect.

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