Thursday 15 June 2017

Turkish Delight Cupcakes

These went down a total storm last year, so I made a few more than usual, and I ran out in no time - again!

Using the faithful sponge mix, I added a handful of milk chocolate chips to the batter, I'd say it was about 250g, then added about 7.5ml of rose water. I don't mess about with flavourings, I use good quality extracts.

I also used a quality food colour gel to get the right colour pink. Now I can't tell you how much to use per batter mix, but starting with about 5g is a good place then add more if you need to.  Colours are all by eye and it depends on how pale  you can beat your batter 

Once more, good old faithful buttercream mix was used, but exchange the vanilla for the rose water for flavour and add some pink gel food colour until you reach the colour you prefer.

I made a tiny red bow from fondant to top this one off.

I would eat Turkish Delight all day long if I could, just the smell of it makes my mouth water.

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