Thursday 15 June 2017

Lemon Cupcakes

How to kick up a storm in my house, make lemon cupcakes!

By now, you've guessed that the good old amazing recipe for this mix is pretty much always used! You can also search the internet and use the recipe for lemon drizzle cake as a base if you prefer. To my mix, I did not add lemon extract, instead I purchased something called Ready Zest,and boy did it pay off!

It's nothing more than the zest of one whole lemon and smells scrumptious to the point where your mouth waters madly, well, mine did anyway.

To the buttercream I added lemon extract instead of the vanilla and some yellow food colour gel.

To top these off and not to distract the taster from the yummy lemon-ness, I sprinkled the top with some yellow sugar decorations.

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