Thursday 8 June 2017

Wedding Cake - June 2017

This cake has been months in the making, yet nothing had started to be made until three days before the actual wedding day!  The bride-to-be wanted a sponge cake and on an extremely tight budget.  The cake topper, however, was made a few weeks in advance.

I only have a small oven, and it's not fan-assisted, so it took me about nine hours to bake, including stopping for lunch.  Each of the six mixes that would make up the three tiers had to be cooked one at a time.

I measured the mixes by the quantity of eggs and were as follows:
  • Tier #1 - A 6" sandwiched sponge required six eggs
  • Tier #2 - An 8" sandwiched sponge required 12 eggs
  • Tier #3 - A 10" sandwiched sponge required 16 eggs
Three stacked tiers, for measure

Each sponge was delicately flavoured with vanilla and sandwiched together and crumbcoated using a complimenting buttercream.

Tier #1 (top) - 6" Cake
This tier has a quilted effect with silver balls in each part of the pattern where the lines cross.
To do this I needed mark the cake into equal sections and place markers. Next I had to ensure that the bottom marker is directly below the top marker. Marks were made from the bottom marker on a slant to the marker two points away.
Image from public domain

With a steady hand, a ruler for be sure, a quilting tool was used to simulate stitching. Using the other side of the quilting tool, small star bursts were added to simulate creased material ready for the 'buttons' aka silver balls - the silver balls were then added where the lines cross.

Tier #2 (middle) - 8" Cake
This layer is not quilted, to ensure the quilting does not overpower the cake, I successfully convinced the bride-to-be that a simple lace layer would look far better. Now that it's done, I quite agree with my decision.

Tier #3 (bottom) - 10" Cake
This layer was also quilted, in the same way as tier #1.

A significant amount of hours was spent on decorating this beauty. The day started at 11am and it ended at around 5.30pm - on my birthday too lol.

The cake has been decorated with a designated back and front, but no actual centre-front. The whole front is the front and designed to look it's best from all three, relatively front facing 'sides'.

Delivering the cake was a two-man job, or in this case, two women. But we managed it with such ease, I have no idea what all the worrying was all about.

All that's left for me to say is ...

Good luck to the Bride and Groom

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  1. Facebook Page Comment1 September 2017 at 08:43

    Crafty Welsh grandma made my wedding cake not only did she take the time to listen to me but she got my design spot on ..cake was beautifully made and tasted fantastic thank you so much now to design the next one lol xx


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